Week 7-Major Area Coverage and The mural slowly taking colour and form

This week the mural artist began to add details over the base-coat and background of all the four seasons. We’re really seeing the mural begin to come alive. Some of the details that are transpiring include major detailing with the winter scenes, canvases, trout, deer, and additional touch ups to give the mural a more realistic look. As the painting slowly gains more colour and detail it is starting to take form and come together and the story is starting to become clear. Many of our partners and supporters would often come and visit to support the work we were doing with the mural. Some of these partners included, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC), Toronto Police Services, residents of Chester Le, people passing by on the streets and Councillor Jim Karygiannis. The Scarborough Mirror also stopped by to take some photos and inquired about the project.

We started collecting the spray cans as they started finishing during the mural painting. A collection that would grow day after day, can by can. As the images slowly start unfolding and the wall gains colour, the mural’s story unfolds. Thank you to everyone who has been showing us support!