Week-5 (Creation of the mural pieces to for approval)-Third Community Consultation-Door-to-Door and Fourth Community Consultation-At Chester Le Community Corner)

We produced the final images to be submitted to Street Art Toronto for approval and we went door-to-door for our third community consultation to show residents from Chester Le what the ideas and concepts had transformed into. We walked through the community and presented some of the final pieces/concepts. They were pleased with the images and expressed their excitement to see the final results. We then invited community members to see the complete concept from wall to wall at our final Community Consultation held at the ACSA Chester Le Community Cornerr.

We’ve been anticipating showcasing the complete concept to the community. The fourth and final Community Consultation is meant to gather the thoughts and ideas from the community to see if we can move forward with the final mural concepts that we created. At the consultation, we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves again, and each of us had an opportunity to share our experiences and thoughts as we unveiled a sketch of our full mural.

After reviewing the mural concepts on the table, the community listened to our story and how we chose to reflect the original ideas that were given to us by residents.  We were also joined by special guests Councillor Jim Karygiannis and Lee Soda, the Executive Director of Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA). They were interested in hearing more about the experience that we had so far and they wanted to hear from the community, as well as, understand the process and the meaning behind the mural concepts.

The idea behind the seasons was very symbolic of the growth and evolving of Chester Le. Breaking this down further, from wall to wall, this is what the mural means:


The mural begins with spring, the season of rebirth, love, and growth. We wanted our mural to start with a new beginning, as this is the rebirth of the meaning of Chester Le, a new change in Chester Le to bring out the positivity and true energy that Chester Le represents and stands for.The Raccoon appears in several sections of the mural but starts with the spring season. It represents curiosity and adaptability. The raccoon is a resourceful animal, finding ways to adapt and find food in the neighbourhood.


As the days are longer and the sun is out, plants are growing and flowers are blooming through this season, the community is more outdoors and enjoying together. It’s the season of expression and vitality. The stag/deer is known to be the king of the forest. It is known as a messenger animal as it’s known to be the protector. This animal represents the harmony, peace and sensitivity. It uses its keen sense of hearing to be cautious and protect those in the forest. The Rabbit represents comfort, luck and energy. The Blue Jay represents loyalty, patience and faithfulness.


Balance between the light and darkness as this is the season where we harvest our fruits of spring and summer and prepare for the winter season to come. Our adaptability changes throughout this season as we prepare for early hours of darkness as well as the colder weather to set in slowly. The Fish symbolizes love, community, knowledge and wisdom. This fish is represented leaping through the scenery and through the canvas to represent the people within the community who lead with knowledge and wisdom. The Loon, represents the unconscious dream, all our desires and wishes.


This season is when community really comes together for the holidays and to help one another. This is the season where families spend time indoors with the company of their loved ones. The Polar Bear represents the surrendering to the environment, it is an animal that adapts and blends into its community. The bear makes itself right at home in the snowy domain. It is a powerful animal that protects and feeds its family.


The animals that are in the mural represent the diversity and different types of people who reside in the community. It tells a story of the members that make this community the way it is.

The consultations allowed community members an active role and a sense of ownership in the creation of the mural, offering artistic suggestions of what is important to and is representative of the Chester Le Community in order to build an inclusive narrative. There is so much excitement around the mural project and anticipation of the end results.


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