Week-6 –Surface Priming and Starting the Mural

Time to start the mural! In order to start painting the wall, a coat of primer needed to be added. Areas were marked off using spray paint and later using a generator and power sprayer, a coat of primer was easily added. Once the primer was placed on all the areas, big blotches of colour were added according to the mural concepts. Here we had the opportunity to learn how to effectively use spray paint outdoors. Safety measures were explained to us before using the spray paint, including a mask and gloves to protect our hands. The spray paint had to be pointed parallel to the wall, spraying sections at a time with a steady, controlled hand movement. Each of us had the opportunity to paint large sections of the wall, utilizing different vibrant colours. We ensured the walls were cleaned of grass residue and material as we went along the wall painting. Spray painting was a unique medium to use, one which was relatively new to all of us. Adrian was an amazing teacher, assisting all of us to use the paint efficiently and effectively. He monitored us and gave us tons of opportunity to make mistakes and learn, he was patient and helped us learn.

People walked by questioning what was happening on the wall, some stopped to say how beautiful they thought the blotches of colours were. This empowered us throughout the process, especially under the summer heat. Many people stopped and asked what it was going to look like and we showed them the mural concepts. They were excited and waited with much anticipation. Some stood and watched as we were painting and some just smiled and gave us a thumbs up as they walked by. The children in Chester Le, peeped quietly, secretly watching as we were painting.


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