Week-3 Second Community Consultation at Chester Le Community Center

As the images slowly started to take form, we started working on sketches and learning art techniques like how to draw animals. We started researching different types of animals that were native to Canada and would be an accurate representation of the Chester Le community.

We prepared to share this information at our first in-person community consultation session, where we invited the members of the community to sit in and voice their opinions on our initial ideas and a sketch of the potential mural.

A group of about 30 residents from the community joined us during our second community consultation. We introduced ourselves as the youth mural group and introduced Adrian as the artist who was mentoring us. Everyone spoke as to why we wanted to be a part of the mural, how the whole mural process was going to work and what this means to us and the community. Images, ideas and the general concept of the mural were to be explained shown in pieces. Information gathered during the first community consultation were presented as well.

The community was enthusiastic and very constructive when providing feedback and ways to improve and build on to the ideas that we had already started with. Overall, the community consultation went extremely well and gave us material to use moving forward.

Mural 5

Mural 6


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