Week-4-Youth Art Workshops-Life Drawing and Understanding the Foundations of Art

Continuing our research on animals, we started sketching some of the animals that we had found on the internet. We all took turns practicing sketching each of the animals from the seasons. The layout of the seasons and the animals started forming piece by piece. On one of the days together, we went to the wall itself and took pictures of a canvas draped along the bricks to get an idea of the visual. We’ve come up with the idea of having the animals hold up pieces of canvas with a picture on it that represents Chester Le. Staging the canvas has helped us create actual images and learn the dynamics of the shape and shading. This would become the framework for our mural pieces to be displayed.

Some of our days were spent outside near the Chester Le Community Corner where we worked on life drawings. We learned the seven elements of art including: line, shape, form, colour, texture, value and space. We worked with our environment to understand the way light hits objects and how to give life to drawings by using shading and gradients. On large newsprint sketch pads and using conte crayons (a mixture of chalk and pastel),  we would practice our art technique to gain more experience. We practiced drawing a number of different items, including a ball, canvas (draped on a tree) and pictures of each other to understand facial features and how to apply shading and light points.

This was an experience that helped to improve our drawing skills. It provided us with more context on how to add life to drawings to make them become more realistic. With the series of workshops done in an outdoor setting, this was an experience we won’t forget. Adrian is a  patient and exceptional teacher, he would walk around as we sat there drawing and give us tips and pointers. This helped us improve our techniques and drawing and helped us learn at a more accelerated pace with one-on-one teaching.


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