Week-2: Let the Mural Process Begin…The Story Unfolds

As we regrouped for our second week through this journey, we gathered all the information we collected from the Chester Le community and started organizing them into major themes, ideas and concepts that were similar. Once the data was completely organized, a few major themes emerged: nature, family, diversity and community.

We continued to further explore how these ideas can be combined to best represent the narrative of the community. The goal was to stay away from using words and instead use powerful imagery to demonstrate the narrative of Chester Le. Diversity and community could potentially be portrayed with images of people from different ethnic groups within the community, however, if a few groups are missed, or if the community changes, the narrative would no longer be a representation the community.

An idea emerged to use animals to represent the diversity of the community, everyone will be included because of the diversity of the animals that are native to Canada. We came up with the idea of utilizing scenes from all four seasons in order to represent change, prosperity, growth and nature. Slowly pieces of the mural started taking form and shape.

These ideas will be presented in such way that they were unveiling different parts/layers of the community. The original sketch began with cracks in the walls, as if the wall was opening up. However, because cracking or the breaking down of bricks can been seen as the community falling apart, we wanted to chose a different method of unveiling, so we decided on drawing a canvas that would flow across the walls and would be held up by the animals.

Slowly our sketch is coming together…

mural 3mural 4


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