Table Tennis Challenge

On November 29th, 2014, Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA) in partnership with Toronto Foundation, Social Coffee Roasters, and Social Urban Community Outreach hosted a try-a-sport Table Tennis event at Chester Le Community Corner. The event aligned with Canada’s National Sports day, and enabled local residents and participants across Toronto to take part in challenging their friends and learning how to play table tennis.

Table_Tennis picture_ACSA

The event exceeded expectations, and hosted over 130 participants! Following the event, a dozen Chinese Seniors expressed the desire and need to host a weekly ‘pick up’ table tennis program at Chester Le Community Corner. In partnership with a local Chinese Seniors arts and recreation group, ACSA will be hosting a weekly table tennis program focused on activating and enabling seniors to participate in table tennis. The pilot program begins January 26th, and will be implemented for 13 weeks. Outcomes for this program will enable seniors an opportunity to play, reduce social isolation, and increase their health and wellness.

In addition, Social Coffee and Tea Company provided a variety of teas and prizes for the participants at the table tennis event. Each tea steeped was offered to all 130 participants, and was received warmly and positively. In response to the positive reaction and enthusiasm with the tea tasting, ACSA’s Food Security Program will be implementing a ‘Steeping Healthy Together’ program, which will allow local residents to sip new teas, and understand the health benefits with drinking a variety of teas.

By and large, the event was a success in many ways! Moving forward, ACSA is looking forward to continuing the success of this event through the development of new programs, and strengthening its partnerships!


For further information or questions, please do not hesitate in contacting Evan Muller-Cheng, Manager of Community Initiatives –



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