By Lee Soda, Executive Director, Agincourt Community Services Association

Hello and welcome to Agincourt Community Services Association’s (aka ACSA) program and information sharing blog.

ACSA turns 40 years old this year. This community based multi service agency was formed by the leaders of 8 different faith houses in the community of Agincourt. They recognized the growing needs of their community members and realized that those facing tough times needed a “hand up” during the rough patches. Tough times that could fall on everyone at one time or another. This simple concept is still very much alive and well 40 years later. As community needs increased very quickly, ACSA became incorporated and had the full support of elected officials in what was then the City of Scarborough.

Move the clock forward to 2014 and ACSA holds many of the same core values and principles which led to its formation in 1974, we’re an agency that serves community residents facing hard times and offering the necessary programs and services to improve the community’s quality of life. We have strong ties to the community, we spend time nurturing relationships and we support projects and initiatives that respond to real community needs and we do so in a way that fully leverages both the Agency and the community’s ability to make unique contributions where people live work and play.

Everybody need a little help sometimes.

ACSA serves both our local communities and many of our programs span throughout Scarborough, those that walk through our doors are often those most marginalized and facing multiple barriers, we serve all ethnicities and races, those of all faith and beliefs, those newest to our country and those that just need to be connected to their communities to reduce social isolation. At ACSA everyone is welcome.

At ACSA we offer a plethora of programs and services that directly respond to those most vulnerable within our communities, those that are homeless and marginally housed, programs to reduce the risk of HIV and AIDS for men and women involved in sex trade, child and family programs, youth and seniors programs, food security programs including a food bank, community kitchen and community gardens. Our services also include legal supports, income tax clinics, financial advocacy and financial problem solving workshops and at the core of all that we do is community and resident engagement. Increasing the knowledge and capacity of residents to realize they have the ability and strength to make sustainable tangible changes for long term impact and working from a community development perspective is at the core of who we are as an Agency.

Welcome to our first blog, this will be a place where we will share news and thoughts about our new and existing initiatives, share our thoughts and ideas about issues affecting our communities and include information that is shared with us directly from the voices of the people we serve.

Stay tuned for more news from ACSA.


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